Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~Shelty Sullivan~1994~Aug.24,2008~

I wanted to thank everyone for the loving thoughts & prayers
that were sent to me & our Shelty Boy. I also wanted to share
this puppy picture of our handsome boy.
All I can say is,~ as hard as it was to let go of him~ he,
in his usual loving & watchful style, made it as easy on us as he could.
He died here in our home, he closed his eyes for the last time at
10:15 Sunday night. ~ We buried him in a lovely pine box that my
husband made, on a tree farm that my brother-in-law owns.
If it seems like this may not have been the best summer for our
family ~ you are so right! ~ I feel worn out. You know things have
been hard, if you are wondering if it is o.k. to be happy again.~
~ I say ENOUGH !~ I am very ready for things to lighten up!~
The last song they sang in mass on Sunday~ as Rowan & I were
leaving was~ City of God~. "He can turn tears into dancing"~
"Night into day."
I took that song home with me. I needed those words.~o~
Then today I wandered over to Pen Hallow Street"s blog &
found this quote~~ "God does not look so much at the magnitude of anything we do as at the love with which we do it."~ St. Teresa of Avila~
I always find something inspiring there.~ I took that quote with me
as I left. In fact I put it in my sidebar. ~ So, I have been going around
collecting what I need to feel better. ~~ My family has been beautiful & so
full of compassion. I am so proud of my children. I have been filling my pockets & heart
with as many wonderful thoughts & prayers as I can. So, I can smile at them & they
will know that everything is O.K.! :) ~Amy~


Leslie Rubio said...

Every little thing is gonna be all right Amy. I love you so much! I'm sorry for the loss of your Shelty dog.

Tomorrow is a new beginning! I love you friend.


Susan said...

My heart is so sad for you. I know how hard this is. You will be in my prayers. Continue to trust in the Lord, He has never let us down.

Love, Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

I know it is Leslie :)
I love you too sweet friend~

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you Susan~
This is so true~ Love, Amy

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I am so sorry Amy - I have no idea how the two blogs got mixed up as I seem to have in my head some of your own history and life (your beautiful Shelty dog, church interests and gardening) and some of Pen Hallow Street (her recent new baby in the family) . Strange !!!! but I too am glad we have met in this suprising way.

closed account said...

my sweetest dearest Amy ......hows things my dear , i can see from your post you have lost a loved member of the family, like me ur animals are jast as important as any of the rest.im sorry to hear he news Amy, it must have been very sad for you ....a little prayer goes to u n the kids .have missed u so much ..iv moved on in my life now Amy, im a single parent now just little hannah left as u know , im sorry if u have been emailig to me as i know u have been in the past , i was in no frmae of mind to even look at my blog somedays to be honest , but i hope i can somehow begin again , slowly maybe but looking forward to it now ...........my love to u n hugs to the familyxxxxxxxx kath..

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about Shelty. What a cutie pie in the photos. The good thing is that he had a good life with you.

I like the lyrics you quoted from City of God. I'm going to have to copy it for myself. St. Theresa's quote is also inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sending you a big hug,

P.S. Did you ever make a painting of him?

Penhallow Street said...

Amy, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Shelty. We lost our dog three years ago and it brought a peace of mind to have her pass away at home, rather than the vets. It was nice that you could bring her home. Thinking of you and the family. God Bless.

Barbara Pask said...

Amy, I continued on down your blog and read this one about your dog. I'm so sorry for your loss, our pets are our children too. Only time will help, you sound like you have a strong faith and that will help more than anything. Take care

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

I am going to send you an email.
If you don't get it ~ please ~ email me with what ever new email you may have.
So,very good to hear from you dear friend.~Amy~