Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I sure have been a busy girl lately. I wanted thank everyone for all the sweet comments
on my posts lately. And, especially for the encouraging words on my little Angel paintings.
I am going to keep on doing them. And, still work on my portraits.
I have over the past couple of weeks received very kind emails from my arty, bloggy friends
and....they really have helped me put some thoughts together that have been buzzing around my mind. Thoughts about all things ,Art, that I do. Does that make since? Where to put my focus.
Susan Carlan, has posted a real list of her goals as an artist. And, I looked at it and thought
"Eureka !"....... Please don't laugh. (o.k. laugh) But, I realize that I leave to much of my artist life up to fate. Like a bumble bee, buzzing from one project to another. Working really hard on each one, but, no real direction. I love each thing that I do. But, I often feel scattered.
Susan was kind enough to write me, my very own email. In it she pretty much said, "Amy if it makes you happy, do it." "Eureka" , again.
So, I am busy writing out my goals, but not just goals, but actual ways of reaching them.
I am putting lots of thought into it. So, hopefully in the very near future, I will post them.

And, on that note I say to you all Thank You, again, &
Good Night, Sleep Tight &
May Your Guardian Angels Watch After You!


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