Saturday, June 7, 2008

Smells so Lovely !

Can I just say," my lavender has gone crazy! " I had to share this photo with you, before I tie it back. There is a sidewalk under all that beautiful lavender.
I tease my postman, asking him, " isn't lovely walking threw the lavender everyday to get to my mailbox?"...He just smiles & says, "yeah".
This is it's third spring, but it blooms all summer long. Happy bees & little white butterfly's visit all day long. We need to take care of our bees & butterfly's. They are apparently dieing out.
So, stay away from the poisons, who cares if you have dandy lions , clover & buttercups mixed in your grass. These highly under rated flowers are very important to our world. Let them live in your yard. Bees love them. (see "Feeling Dandy" post 4/30/08 )
So, I am up early, I have much to do for our party tomorrow. Wish me luck. Enjoy your weekend. Amy


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you have both English and French lavender? I'm encouraged, because I am building a butterfly garden and just planted (English) lavender along my walkway too. It's all pretty small right now, but part of the fun for me is watching it grow and the anticipation of what it will be in the future. I have lavender, bee balm, cone flower, daisies, etc. for the bees.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Yours should do well Jennifer. I need bee balm , also a butterfly bush or two would be grand. This is my 3rd. spring at this house. So, I am building from scratch. My garden at my old house had 9 years of wonderful gardening. I miss my garden most, when I think about our old house.

You right , English & French lavender :)

Erica Herbert said...

LOVE the lavender! thanks for stopping by my blog!