Monday, June 16, 2008

Marc Chagall

Abraham and the Three Angels (1954-67).
Song of Songs III (1960)
Look at what a very kind face he has, what a cute guy!

"Great art picks up where nature ends."
"Only love interest me, and I am only in contact with things I love."
"All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites."
"My name is Marc, my emotional life is sensitive and my purse is empty, but they say I have talent."
Marc Chagall, July 7, 1887- March 29, 1985

One of the things that I love about blogging, is that it often sends me out searching for more information. I was visiting an artist's blog this morning & I made the comment that her figures reminded me of Marc Chagall's. And that got me thinking about a book that I bought many moons ago, 1988. There was a small, but, very good bookstore across the street from my apartment on Strawberry St. (yes, Strawberry St.) that I spent alot of time in. And, when I first laid eyes on Marc Chagall Arabian Nights I just had to have it, the shop owner let me put it on lay-away. It is a large "coffee table" book with colorful, romantic illustrations by Mr. Chagall.
After taking this beautiful book off the self, I looked Marc Chagall up & read a bit more about him. I found these quotes (above) and I can't help but think what a romantic, lover of life he was.
He was not afraid to depict and even indulge himself in romance and color in his art.
Maybe some may think that he wore rose colored glasses. But, he was clearly a lover of life and beauty.
He lived to be 102!!! He died when I was 25. Maybe his beautiful look on life had something to do with that. Anyway, I just LoVe his art and want to know more about him. I will take his book & read it again tonight. It has been... WoW, 20 years since I bought it and I can't remember the last time I have spent any time enjoying it. And somehow, I don't think he would saying he is a cute guy. : )
OoOo, Amy

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