Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot, But Fun !

Well, the graduation celebration was a hit. Our guests braved the heat yesterday & came out to celebrate with us. All I can say is, "thank goodness" for our big magnolia tree in the back yard. It was a haven from the HOT !
And this little pool I bought last year has proved itself to be a smart investment. The little ones were happy as clams splashing around.
The food was yummy, the crabs were delish. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. They must have been, because they all stayed & talked and laughed under the sweet shade of the magnolia.
So, I just want to say, "Thank you dear friends and family for making this such a special time for Gabriel."
Stay COOL, it was hotter today than yesterday. Yikes ! Drink plenty of water! oxox amy

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