Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Happy May Day! Spring is in the air... happy, happy, joy,joy!
I have been working hard and loving it.
Feeling soooo much better than i did last week.
I will be doing some of the above next week.
I have perfected my technique. I don't do as much as I used too. But, there was a time, aside from all the marbleizing i have done for scene painting. When I had quite the little business, marbleizing
in peoples homes, fireplaces, columns, walls...
Anyway, i was asked to do some columns next week. It will be fun.
o.k. enjoy yourself. amy


Beeswax, said... dear darling Amy, can you ever forgive this blithering ,half witted female , if you think for one minute i have forgotten you then please , don't, you have been in my thought daily, and i mean it , with all my heart.....I am just going through a really rough patch just now , finding it very difficult to even attempt a blog , for fear of what i might say, then regret it later , i will e-mail you my dear friend , and explain fully my reasons for all this maddness, you are a sweet dear friend , i do not want to loose you in the process of neglegant blog entries, , not sure if i will be able to post up on this one again, a few souls reading which i know would prefer not to, i f u can undersatnd !!!!!! anyway my dear, your blog is wondeful as usual, lovimg the marbeling , omg, that takes mee back all those bloody feathers w ehad to use , eneded up using the fine brush jokes a side your work is amazing , i am in awe of you Amy, i hope i can take some of yourenergy and reinforce my inspirational block here , so , i am going to take the time to read all your entries today , as i have done before , wheni was in need os some inspiration......your family is a joy, your love of them is so obvious , it shouts buckets of who you are as a woman and mother , just perfect ...your old father time always comforts me , i look at him often you know .....all my love

Jack Riddle said...

Amy--thanks for visiting my blog--and I'm certainly happy I found yours. You certainly have many dimensions to your work. If I understand your marbelizing, I would call it "surround art." Fascinating! I love your paintings, too. Will visit often. Jack

Ms Dragonfly said...

happy may day!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

hey Amy! these are beautiful... I saw a similar technique advertised in my location recently, and it wasn't half this lovely

very beautiful!