Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deep Breath !

Oh my, it has been awhile since my last post. I have had to stay away from the computer, because I just have not had the time. Much has been going on. Finishing up the school year (still not done), but getting closer. Finishing up the school year with 4 children is.....CRAZY ! Run here, be there, help with this.....NUTTY !.....But, it must be done : ).
And my oldest, Gabriel, is graduating this year ! Announcements and a party to plan.
Then there were three dance recitals , with rehearsals.
Then we finally made time to plant our garden.
A couple commissions , yeah!
I made a sale in my etsy shop, yeah ! ! : ).
Not to mention all the stuff that needs to happen, that just count as "everyday life".
Oh boy, I have felt a bit panicy. No, Really ! My head has been spinning lately.

I am so looking forward to SUMMER !!!!

O.K. Take a Deep Breath Amy and Keep On
Going !