Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Ordinary Thursday? NOT!

This morning I didn't say a word about it. Got everyone off to school. I dropped the girls off at their two schools , then dropped my husband off at work,(all in my jammys). Getting 4 kids out the door can be tricky.
But, today as soon as I got home , I got myself together & back out the door I went to pick up the girls . What a surprise! I love that... it is good to turn an ordinary Thursday into something special.

We got to the theatre just in time for the 10:30 , morning mattinee, to see Peter Pan at the Theatre where I was the master scenic.
It was wonderful! And, yes magical. Ford, who plays Peter , well....he is Peter Pan. A very talented actor. I am a huge fan of taking children to the theatre. Both girls had LARGE smiles while watching the show. We then went to the resterant on the corner called "Comfort" and had a yummy lunch. This resterant is owned by some dear friends of mine. And it is all the name says it is , Comfort food.
The theatre is in downtown Richmond, Theatre IV.
What a great Thursday!
as always have a lovely day, Amy

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