Wednesday, May 7, 2008

small portraits

I have been working on these small portraits. They are only 7"x9". I am enjoying them very much.
As always, I take bad pictures. So , please , click on the picture to see the line work. I have made this my habit , when I visit an artists sight, it is really amazing what you miss if you don't click. It is a really fun tool. (up close and personal & all)
These two are on their way to my etsy shop. I have really been a poor etsy artist & want to change that. It is, just that most of my art is still face to face. I will never want to change that .
But, I have felt guilty, with my poor attention to my little store there.
I will sale these as originals, I am still undecided about making prints of them. ....What do you think ? As always, "Have a Lovely Day", amy


Jack Riddle said...

Wow--the work in these is wonderful. I think they'd all make good prints but I really like to top one. Jack

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Amy. Like Jack said, the top one is a winner. Love that pose.
The bottom one seems a little cramped at the top.
These remind me of Mary Cassatt for some reason.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you Jack. I am going to go ahead and do the prints.

Thank you for your visit Frank.
You are right the little girl does look a bit squashed. And, i guess it is no secret how much i like Mary Casset.
:0 ) amy

ArtGirl said...

Your pictures of children remind of Mary Cassat with a little Jessie Wilcox Smith thrown in...I love them..

ArtGirl said...

Oh I guess if I had read the other comments I would have seen that other people saw a Mary Cassat similarity as well!

Unknown said...