Saturday, April 25, 2009

~11 Days Later~

~the Mother Mary~ painted to look like a stained glass window~

~the actors changing the set~ see the Mary painting peeking out, over the bed.~
~back stage~ before the painting was hung~

~3 of the 6 panels painted~
~Just look at my beautiful new look !~ What a pretty new banner & background~
~And look~ i have 3 columns~ I have had "3 column envy" for sometime now~
~But~ I didn't know how to make it happen.~
~I have the amazing Annette, at Huckleberry Arts to thank for all of it.~~~Annette, is so very talented with computer design~ I was completely amazed by how quickly she put all this together for me.~But~ more than that~ she has incredible instincts about the person she is designing for~ Annette took the time to get the right feeling for my blog.~ All I did was send her pictures of my art.~Told her the colors I loved and she took it from there.~I can't believe how well she read my personality & style.~ When I first saw my new look~ I was "~oh my~ this is so me~" Thank you Annette~ Thank you so much~ you very clever lady!~~~So, if you are looking to have your bloggy revamped & don't know where to start~ I have to tell you~ Go, ask the lovely Annette~at Huckleberry Arts~~~

~I have had my lovely new look for more than a week now~~~and~~~again I was to busy to sit down & make this post~~~I know I promised to be a better blogger~~~But~ "Tis the season of theatre openings~ I have gone from one show to the next~ with no "down time" between.~

~The pictures I have posted are of an Italian opera that opens tonight.~ Actually, two one acts~ The first is a very sad opera, called "Suor Angelica" ~I painted the Mother Mary for that opera~ she was painted to look like a stained glass window~ I didn't get a picture of her up yet~but,I saw her up last night~ they lit her from behind & she looked so pretty~ like real stained glass~
~The second one act opera is called~"Gianni Schicchi"~ a comedy~ so, they make you cry, then make you laugh.~ For that opera I hand stamped the fabric you see here. ~60 feet of it, it is 4' 6" wide.~ the fabric was hung as bed curtains ,around that big canopy bed.~
~the set had to be designed to work for both operas~ w/ a quick switch in the furnishings at intermission.

~the next show will be "Willy Wonka & the Chocolet Factory".~

~But~ oh so thankfully~ I will have the next week to, to do all the other stuff that I do.~ before stating that show~


Flora said...

Blue is a serene lovely color and
it looks right at home here!!!
I cannot get over how gorgeous the stained glass painting you did looks!!!You are very talented Amy!!!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thank you Flora~
~ I started Her at 8:00pm thurs. night & went to bed @ 3:30am~ got up @ 6:30 in the morning & worked on Her till noon~ & i sure did ask Mother Mary to help me as i worked.~

Pease Porridge said...

Wow! Your talent amazes me Amy!

Love the stain glass look alike. Beautiful!

To answer your question:
We kept Hot Tamale and Bananas Foster away from each other for a couple days. Him locked in another room. Then we slowly let him have time out for her to see him a little at a time and then would lock him up again so she could get use to it little by little. Within a week he was out all of the time and she would hiss at him if he would get too close. After a few weeks she was completely tolerant and now they even play some times. He knows his boundary with her and does not cross it. ;)

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

incredibly beautiful, what a cool job you have. i just love theatre.

Leslie Rubio said...

Your new blog design and your set design are bootiful Amy :)

Love you always,

lagirl said...

I LOVE your new look, Amy.
You get an A+!!

Can't believe the Stained Glass is merely painted. Amazing, Girl!!

Ring by Ring Designs said...

Stained glass looks so real. Great job.

Suzanne said...

Wow Amy! I love the stained glass look of your Mother Mary and Babe painting! I'm sure the theater is so very pleased to have your talents working with them.
Love your new blog template and banner too!

Diane Duda said...

Wow, you've been busy, Amy! Everything looks beautiful including the new blog look.


Anonymous said...

I love your new look. Great job by Annette. I love the banner. I also love your stained glass Mary look. Lots of stuff to love here. Great job with the set. Keep up the good work.


Jennifer Young said...

Your set paintings are wonderful. Can't wait to see more! Great new look for your blog too. I'm jealous! ;-)

Jared Kelley said...

Amy: Thanks for stopping by my art blog. I came across your blog last night around midnight and I thought it was very interesting. I am a bit of an anomaly in the world of artists in that I am also religious and think of art as a blessing, so your imagery was very appealling to me. Keep it up and God bless - Jared