Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gabriel turned 18 on Febuary 14, 2008 !!!!!!

Baby Gabriel at the beach, Gabriel dressed in Japanese robes on his
rocking horse. My Baby !!! (you can enlarge these pictures, by clicking on them)
I just know you want to see this darling boy up close !!!
A portrait of Vince Guaraldi, by Gabriel Gethins Sullivan.
A portrait of Andy Warhol, by Gabriel Gethins Sullivan.
This my son Gabriel, he turned 18 on Valentines Day !
His cake, decorated with red peanut m&m's, there is meaning behind this.
A portrait I did of Gabriel with his baby brother Ian.
An etching I did of Gabriel .
Gabriel standing in front of one of his paintings.
So, i go into Gabriel's room a few months ago and spot the drawing above, and say"Gabriel who's that a drawing of?" Gabriel answers "it is Vince Guaraldi, I love his work , his birthday was July 17, so I thought I would do a drawing of him." It was done on a piece of cardboard, ( Gabriel does most of his art on cardboard, he likes to reuse) he painted the background red. The portrait of Andy Warhol was done because he is Gabriel's favorite artist. And there is more, much more, he draws constantly. And there is meaning behind his art.
It is so hard for me not to post every picture that I have of this BEAUTIFUL young man. Being his Mother is such an incredible honor, he is so talented and so kind ! I Thank God for giving me this amazing son, he is 6'3" and so gentle. Thankfully he still will cuddle with me and talk. The best advice I can ever give a Mom is to always hold your children, no matter how big they get. Because, they may get older, but they still will need your Love and hugs and little talks, to let them know all is right with the world.

And know matter what he does, I think it will be great, "And I will Love him for being himself" Amy


Anonymous said...

Dear Amy!
Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful sons!
Your Gabriel is so handsome! I can see all his good energy and sweetness all over his presence! CONGRATULATIONS ON HIS BIRTHDAY!
I completely agree with you, hugs don't have an expiration date, they should happen all the time for everybody not matter how old we are. Hugging is my number one hobby with my children.
I SEND YOU A BIG ONE RIGHT NOW and thank you sooo much for your beautiful comment in my blog!
Elsita :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy you made me cry with this post! (I think I'm a bit hormonal mind) My beautiful son Jared turned 17 last week (very tall too!) and I saw a lovely drawing of his on his bedroom wall yesterday that I hadn't noticed before, I share in your pride with your own wonderful son :)