Monday, December 17, 2007

Rembrandt Pastels!!!!

I've been here and there, running around getting ready for Christmas!
But the big news is that last week, I spent my mornings being the Guest Artist at my son's High School. It is a wonderful school, all the high schools in my county have specialty areas and the one my son goes to happens to specialize in the arts, C.F.A., Center for the Fine Arts. Gabriel, my oldest child,17, is part of the C.F.A. program, thats how I met Ms. Dowdy, Gabriels art teacher from last year. Well I just love her, this year he is in her Advanced Art History Class, I am telling you these kids are so lucky to have this program, it is amazing! There are students who come for half days to his school from other schools in the county, for this art program and then return to their home school for their academics. Get the ideal? Well, they have theatre, dance and music and of the fine arts, all are filled with the most amazing energy!!! And I was so happy to be asked to be part of it, if only for a week. I was worried the weekend before, all the what ifs, but all was set aside once I started working with these kids, they were amazing. Most had not done a full self portrait in pastel, but they were all so beautiful in the end. I took them from the beginning to the end, starting with color like blues and greens for under color. I think at first they thought I was crazy, but I kept reminding them that pastels are true pigment, made with the same pigment that oils are made of minus the medium,s, so they could work in layers, and the under color was so important, because it would be there, making the portrait more real to the eye. I spoke of Degas work, who was the master of pastel art and Mary Casset, my hero, gave them history about pastels, they were working with pure pigment, and they, I believe got it! I was so excited! And the best part is they seemed to really enjoy it. I was giving them info that it took my many years to understand, just walking upto and getting as close as you are allowed to works in museums. My hope is that at least one of them will ask for a good set of Rembrandt Pastels for Christmas, not a cheep gift, but one that will keep on giving, better than an ipod.

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