Monday, December 17, 2007

Rambleing on

Oh Key, well, I don't seem to know how to publish pictures where I want them to be, so I just have to carry on. What I am trying to show you is the utter mess I created a few weeks ago, you see when we moved here 2 years ago, I was the very busy Master Scenic Artist of a very busy theatre. So, when we bought this home I really was not around much.
Now you have to know that before 2005, I was a stay at home Mom, an artist and a wife. My husband is a truly talented cabinetmaker. I did whatever art I could, mostly fuax finishing and of cause portrait painting, but mostly I was happily the Mom to 4 children. My oldest child a son, Gabriel is 17, Ian is 15, Hannah is 13, and Rowan is 7, I am 47, you do the math. I feel that I am dragging on, but just know and I will regress again in the future I am sure of that and tell more. The important thing to know at this point is that, we moved here with me having my first full time job in 17 years. At this point I would love to pop a picture of the first show I painted for at Theatre IV. I will try, IT DID NOT WORK!!!! I am upset, now the mess is below and the theatre shots are on top of this blog!!! Help! But I must carry on, I have faith that all who are reading will be able to understand. "It is harder for some people my age to get on in this age of tech." I am trying, WEll, let's just say that I had the best training ever as a scenic, I had the great pleasure of working with the masters and they tought me, I worked for a Scenic company called Sceana Studios, we painted for Disney On Ice, The Boston Ballet, The Washington Oprah, I even painted on the Universal Studio's King Kong Exebit, I AM DONE, BORING, BORING..........

But, that is allot of me, I AM SORRY, to have made you read all that, if you did !


closed account said...

Hi, from a 47 year old mum from Scotland, who is so envious of your occupation, your portrait work is amazing, as is your stage set painting, always a little dream of mine to do backdrop and set painting...
Anyway life moves on and now as like you i can finally work full time( 3 daughters, one of which is also called Hannah) ages 24, 20, 13,and my hubby of 25 years , and as of OOh last month some time!! I started my own decorative artist and mural painting for clients in my local area, Perthshire, not that they know I exist or anything, still trying to push with advertising etc...but hopefully will get there eventually!!
Kath from Scotland.
Why you have no comments from fellow bloggers dumbfounds me, it is refreshing to hear someone be so honest a nd clear about their life and I thought I would post you to say hello

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Amy,
I found your blog from a link at Beeswax. I "painted" for a living too, but signs, not sets. Your work is lovely.
I think I can help with the photo/text issue. After you write some text and insert some photos, but haven't yet "published" try this:
Scroll over a section of text to make it black. Then position your cursor in that black area, drag it up to where you want it, and let up on the mouse button. It should move up. This can also be done with photos, but be careful to hold the cursor just at the edge of the text box in a sort of bouncing motion. I hope this helps. I had dreadful problems in the beginning too.
Laura at Amongst The Oaks