Friday, December 21, 2007


learning to relax and things will come. i have started this blog and when i read what i have written it feels all jumbled to me. so, i am going to slow down and have faith that i will learn to put my thoughts down and they will have meaning. i don't have to rush.
i have made so many changes in my life here lately. and this feeling of rush is something that has nestled itself into my soul. i don't want it. it is causing confusion for me and slowing me down, rather than speeding up what i am trying to do. it even brings things to a complete halt, making me unproductive. i have so much that i would like to do, no, that i must do, and my rushyness creates confusion.

so i will stop rushing, this new year.
i will have faith in myself
i will rid myself of fear
fear is a killer
fear kills creativity
fear kills the love of life

and i am a creative lover of life, so what does that tell you? i have not been myself, i have given into fear these past few months.
it stops now!

and with that i say to you " MERRY CHRISTMAS "
and have
with no fear


closed account said...

Hi again have left you a comment on your other posting below..

closed account said...

thanks Amy, and you are more thatn welcome, it is lovely to meet another artist..
My family lived in glasgow for years, my father had to move there to work for the police force, so we stayed a long time, but now I live with my own family up in the North of Scotland, Perthshire, so yes , what a coincedence indeed..I hope you enjoy your blog , I have met so many nice friends in sucha short time, it makes for a wonderful "get together" with same intrests, you should enjoy it ....
regards, Kath

PS, my eldest daughter is called Amy tooo!!there is another one...

French Fancy... said...

Lovely drawings on your blog, Amy, and I hope you get as much enjoyment from having a blog as I do with mine