Monday, December 14, 2009

~Oh Christmas Tree~

~See my "Snow Babies"?~well, really they belong to my children~I gave them, each one for their 1st. Christmas~but, until they get "all" grown up & have their own that I'm thinking about it, quite a lot of these ornaments belong to them.~o~o~But, that is the spirit & fun of putting up the tree~remembering when...~O~I can remember when "Snow Babies" were kinda hard to find.~
~This paper Angle has been my tree topper, ever since I had my very 1st. Christmas Tree~way back in 1983, when I was in college.~A few years back I started adding the star.~I think they look so pretty together.~

~This jolly elf is one of my favorite ornaments~he is decorating my little chandelier this year.~
~ AND~ last ,but not least~~~This darling "little elf" arrived in the mail on Saturday.~He was my gift from the "Littlest Elf Swap" , hosted by the lovely Vivian.~He was created by the very talented Fran, at "Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul"~ He is so cute & sits on the tiniest bench~ I think I am going to find a spot for him, on the Christmas Tree~"Thank you Fran !~"~
~I can't post pics. of my elf to Fran yet~ I don't think he has arrived in Las Vegas yet !~That's right !~my littlest elf is going to Vegas !~lucky little guy!~



lagirl/sweet tea said...

Beautiful tree with beautiful ornaments. Love your long-time Angel from your first tree of your own.

Anonymous said...

nice article~....................................................

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely Christmas tree.

I love the angel.


prashant said...

Love your long-time Angel from your first tree of your own.

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