Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Here Comes the Sun~

~Hello~ I sure hope everyone is having a lovely summer!
Mostly we have been having a "staycation", as moneys are pretty tight these days. But, that is O.K., the "staycation" part. I have been trying to focus on little, old fashion ways of enjoying the summer with the kids. Like we have discovered the James River, there are some very kid friendly spots to spend the day. And, the kids "love" it ! We/I have been doing "home projects",
Just trying to get things in order around here.
Anyway, I also teach at summer camps. So, I needed to come up with a project that will work for ages 6-12 & can be completed in two days. This is what I came up with this year.
The SUN sculpture that you see here. The kids are split up into 3 age groups & go to differant activitys threw out the day, so you have them for about an hour. On the first day they made there sun & on the second day they painted it.
I used an airdry clay that I found at Ben Franklen's craft store. I was quite pleased w/ it. It was not paperclay, too exspensive. But, this clay was very similar. I rolled out the clay myself & gave each child a flat pancake of clay, that was formed around half a styofoam ball. They then cut out the rays of the sun. Leaving them with extra clay to make the eyes, nose & mouth.
I loved the what the kids came up with. And, they really seemed to enjoy this project.
The last two were done by me. But, I gave mine away, to my darling "galfriend", Janine. that manages the camp.She does an amazing job.She is such a sweety & she calls me "Teensy", I like that! Go & check out her "bloggy", the "Make Believe Cooking Show".
:) ~amy~


Georgina said...

Love the project...the suns are wonderful. We too are having our "staycation." Our vacations consist of hanging out around the house and visit the area around us. We both have children and grandchildren to visit later in the year. I'll be heading to Austin, TX to visit my daughter and grandsons and especially my new little guy who is due any day...this is not a vacation!!! LOL

lagirl/sweet tea said...

I bet the kids LOVED the Sun project! I enjoyed seeing your sunshine and also theirs. Great project idea!!

Anonymous said...

I love the suns!


Mold Remediation Carroll, MD said...

Those suns are really cool!

<3 Lindsay