Saturday, February 14, 2009

~HappY VaLenTines DaY~

~an etching of Gabriel~I did when he was a baby~I photo shopped the heart in for today~:)
~On this very day~19 years ago~ I had my first baby~ Gabriel Gethins Sullivan~9lb.5oz.~
~Never in my life had I ever felt such a feeling of overwhelming love~I can hardly believe that he is 19~& 6'3"~ when really it was just yesterday that I held him in my arms ~ so beautiful~ that I could not stop looking at him~
~I still feel that way when he walks into the room~He is such a wonderful young man~ I am so very blessed~ This is the 1st. birthday that Gabriel is away from home~ he & some of his friends are at an Annimae (?) Convention in Washington D.C.~this is about the 3rd. convention they have gone to in the past few years~ They plan it all out months ahead of time~ hotel rooms~everything~~~~~I am blown away be how organized they are~
~And~ at this convention there will be a Valentines Ball tonight~ So, Gabriel got out his tux, dress shoes & black tie. ~Although he did ask me to pre~tie his tie for him, before he lift~
~Thank Goodness~

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ my handsome boy!!!~

~ God Bless you & may your Guardian Angels watch after you~
~I Love You !~


Renee said...

Amy this is a wonderful post. What a handsome boy. By the way, his name couldn't be better.

Love Renee Gabrielle Khan


Cris said...

Aww, that is so sweet. It's hard to watch them drive away, isn't it? At this point, you gotta have the faith that you did your job, raised them well, and they will make the right choices wherever they go. I'm sure he will enjoy his birthday with his "buds", but he will surely think of Mommy at least a few times! Right?!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thank you Renee Gabrielle~

~Right, Chris~~
~He has called twice today~(in the morning)
~His sinuses are clogging him up~& draining into his tum~ making him feel yucky~ the last call was while he was at CVS looking for what I told him he needed to buy~antihistamine~none drowsy~
I am sorry ~ but~ it made me feel better~

Antiques and More Blog said...

Oh My Goodness! I had my first born on this sweet day too 13 years ago! She was supposed to be here on the 4th. I knew then that I was in trouble when she was ten days late. But I was one happy momma!


Anonymous said...

The etching is BEAUTIFUL!! And to think I just got Princess some chocolates! *giggle.

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

Anonymous said...

He was born on Valentine's Day? How extra special! Congrats on raising a wonderful-looking and sounding boy.

Big hug,

p.s. love your drawing of him, especially, with the heart.