Friday, February 27, 2009

~Long Week~

~Do I look tired?~I am, but~in a good way~
~there is a difference~This is not what I would call a "good"picture of me.~But, there is something I like about it~no make-up & all~~~~I am finding it hard to believe that I am posting this picture~but, I think it is a honest photo of what I look like, most of the time~this is what I look like today~~~~Never mind what I looked like yesterday~this who I am now~
~I am 481/2 (Sept.3 is my B-Day)
~I am the mom of 4 children ,ages 19,16,14 & 8 (Rowan,my 8 year old, was born 2 days
before my 40th B-Day)
~I am very much in love with my husband.
~I have very curly hair(that needs to be dyed, sorry, I am not ready to be gray yet)
~I am 4'10" tall~~I am going to be a VERY tiny, little old lady~~someday
~I have a very big laugh~thankfully, people enjoy hearing~William Wegman actually made a video of me, back in 1983, I was 22~ he loved my laugh~he was a guest artist(& instructor) at V.C.U.~Man Ray had just died& he didn't have his dog to photograph anymore~Now, I see him all the time on Sesame St.~with Fay & all his new doggy's teaching children the A.B.C.'s&1.2.3.'s~
~I can be very absent minded.:(
~I think about art~~~~ALL THE TIME~~~~
~I keep colors & images in my head~ & even when I am not physically making art~
~I am making it in my mind, I love that~I am learning to write them down~So~~~~when I am able to sit down & work~I know what I want to do~
~I am an imperfect - perfectionist
~I struggle ~ but, can still feel happiness while doing it~ Thank You God~
~I do stop & smell the roses~sometimes to a long
~As I get older, I understand my needs better~not that confusion has completely disappeared~
~And, I feel like things have finally come back around again for me~
~Because~ I truly have been feeling lost~art wise~

AND~ finally~I am not so sure how & why I started writing this~but, I did~& I am, so sure I could write more~
When I sat down here~ I was all ready to tell, all about me busy week~
~But~I wrote this instead~
~Part of me wants to delete it~
~But~ I am going with the part that says~ "let it stay"~

~have a lovely weekend~


Antiques and More Blog said...

You're a lovely your curly hair! My B-day is Sept. 7th~ Thanks for sharing so much about you and have a wonderful day!


Susan said...

What a beautiful post. I had not imagined that you were so petite. You are quite a lovely lady. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thank you ladys~
yes Susan, I am a little one~;)

Cris said...

I loved your post! So honest and true to yourself! We actually have a lot in common. I will be 51 in May. My kids are 20, 19, and 16. (I got a late start having children) I am only 5 foot tall with a very loud laugh as well! ha ha! I always did artistic things, but it wasn't until my kids were older that I have become obsessed with my art. My kids like to tease me about always sketching, but now one of my daughters is an art major in college and she is getting the same way! ha Have a great weekend, Amy!
Hugs, Cris

Suzanne said...

Hi Amy~ I've been getting lost in blogland this morning, and I happened upon your blog. I love your post, it is nice to see and meet you. My best friend in high school was 4'10"! Love your beautiful artwork, and am enjoying my visit to your blog!

Suzanne said...

Sorry, guess I should have signed in under my blog account before I commented!

vivian said...

Hi AMy! I'm hopping through your blog trying to get an idea of who you are as we are partners for the monster doll swap! I'm so glad you posted this entry! we have a few things in common! I too will be 49 this year.. just a month after you turned.. oct 2. I have four kids, though all older then yours! MY husband has hair about as long as your husbands,though he also has a zztop beard. I too have a large distinct laugh which people love and know me by! ABSENT minded OMG!!! Obsessed with art.. most everymoment of the day! and my favorite line.. "I struggle ~ but, can still feel happiness while doing it~ Thank You God" that is such a me statement! Anyways, thrilled to be your partner and on my way to think out a plan for your monster! be sure to stop by my blog when you get a chance!