Friday, December 5, 2008

My Sister & Me

~Well~ I sold one ornament at the craft fair~ It was at a school & it was the first year they had this fair~ Bottom line~ there were not that many people there. ~But~ I had a wonderful time anyway. Did I mention that it was my big sister, that signed me up for the fair? Bridget is an actress~ but~ a very artsy, crafty kinda gal.She made Muses ~ they are beautiful & so full of soul. Here is one ~ they are mixed media~ collage~ angel~ muses~I love them~ She sold two.
But~ the hot seller of the evening was Rowan(my 8 year old)~ who grabbed one of my boxes of beads as we were leaving and set up shop right there on the spot. She started whipping out beaded necklaces.
And sold everyone for a dollar! She made six dollars :)
~It was very nice setting and talking & laughing with my sis.~ And~ watching Rowan wheel & deal~ she is quite the little sales girl~
~So, I will be listing my little~ Christmas Friends~ in my Etsy shop tomorrow~ I just love these little guys~ they really do come to life as you work on them & I get attached to them, as they let you know who they are & how they should look. Like that little white kitty up there. First she was black, but that didn't look right, so I painted her w/ white paint, Then made her a gray tabby, no that didn't look right, back to white, then I tried orange kitty, no~ back to white to start over again. As I sat there looking at her~ "Oh, I am sorry" "Your a little white kitty"~ silly me~ "Why didn't you say so in the first place?" :)
~ Oh, what very silly buggers we artists are~

~~ Amy~~


Cris said...

oooh, those ornaments are so cute. such personality! I know what you mean about painting the kitty. Since I paint lots of kitties on my paintings, it takes me so long to decide what color to make them that they are usually the last part I paint on the painting! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Very cool ornaments. I like them!

Congrats to your daughter making that sale, and you, too. ;-)


Susan said...

Sounds like you made a memory. You will say from now on "Remember the craft fair at the school, and..."

Glad you had fun. Take care.

Ring by Ring Designs said...

Ah, yes as Susan said, you made a memory. Especially your daughter salesmanship. I think people love to watch a craftsman.