Tuesday, December 2, 2008

~A Christmas Photo Shoot~

~I hope everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving!~
We really did~ all of it was just delicious~ the family~ the friends~ oh & the food.~

~sadly at this point, I cannot share the portrait work I have been doing~ I don't want to ruin any Christmas Surprises~

~But~ i can share what I have been up to in the evenings.~ While watching all my favorite Christmas Shows~
~I have been a busy little elf too~
~So, without further ado~ I would like to introduce, just few of my "Little Christmas Friends"~ I love them~
as I work on each one, they reveal to me their little Christmas spirits.~ They are my little ornaments~ I have made many over the years~ but, this year, they just keep coming.~
I love dressing them in all the glitter & color, ribbons & bows.
~ They are going to a craft fair this weekend. And, who ever is left will be put in my etsy shop or ebay.~
I didn't have time to give them a proper photo shoot~ but, I will take better pictures before they leave this house on Friday.~
~Merry Christmas!~


Susan said...

These little guys are so cute! And they posed so sweetly for you. Take care. Susan

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

~Thanks Susan~
But~ my computer was not being kind ~so, I could not photo shop them.~
But, they are darling little folk.
~Thanks~ Amy~

Flora said...

Amy!!! I'm doing this too!!!!..Like minds!!
only mine aren't as lovely as yours!!!

Leslie Rubio said...

They are wonderful Amy. Tried to call you after work yesterday to tell you so! Wish I had more time to be creative.


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, these are all so cute! These would make any tree wonderful. Good luck at your show.


Amy Sullivan said...

~Thank you Sweet's~
I have been a real little midnight elf these days~
Now~ if I can only StOp myself from wanting to paint my dinning room~
I might be able to get everything done~

Unknown said...

you're so creative... how lovely they are... :)

Pease Porridge said...


I just gave you the "One Lovely Blog" award. If you are too busy, do not worry about it , just wanted to let you know. :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo shot. ;-) Glad to read you had a nice Thanksgiving.