Saturday, November 22, 2008

~Let it SnOW~


Time is just doing what it does & I am finding myself trying to do what I do~ Time is winning~
~But~ I am holding my own~ as we ready ourselves for The Beautiful & Blessed Celebration that is soon going to be here. Reminding myself to slow down & take care ~ don't let this time go by in a blur~ Drive slowly past the Christmas decorations that are starting to appear in the our neighborhood~ look up and be amazed at the incredible beauty of the winter sky's & they have been breathtaking. And~ oh, how I hope we get snow this year~ I want to build a snowman this year~ that would make me so happy~ So, all you wonderful people who are already getting snow~ please send some SNoW FlAkEs to Richmond Virginia~ we haven't had a SnOw DaY in over 2 YeArS~ "That's just not right!~ And, it really is the simple things that make the for the best memories. ~Like building a snowman, sipping hot coco & the smell of warm cookies~

~This coming week, I must dig my heels in & hunker down~ for there are angels to paint, decorations to make & commissions to complete. It is so very important to keep my spirit happy & not feel rushed as I work on these portrait commissions. They are going to be Christmas gifts ~ ~I am doing portraits of peoples children, gifts, that will be given on Christmas morning~
Really, an incredible honor~

~So~ I leave you this morning with the two~ SNoWMan~ pictures above, both created by me~
One, a chalk drawing ~ & ~ the other, a real SnoWMan~ loved that snowman. That was an awesome day!~ See~ that was years ago, but, I will never forget that snowy day~



Cris said...

I love your pictures of the snowmen! That must be a little stressful to do commission pieces for Christmas. I hope you get lots of snow this year! We are in the St. Louis area and we usually get a few snow days a year. Usually not til after Christmas though. Have a great day!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank You Chris~
Not stressful~ I love it~
It is something I have done for a long time now~ it really is part of my Christmas :)

Leslie Rubio said...

I remember your chalk boards at SSC. I was always amazed at what you could do with chalk!