Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the 4th of July ! Tomorrow is the 4th of July !!!! What ?...... So, I am going to be taking time away from this lovely computer that likes to suck me into it's world. I have so much wonderful work to do. And, I keep getting stuck here looking at everyone else's wonderful work.
So, away I go, like a little birdy. But, I leave you with a few pictures of the kinda art I will be doing.This is a lithograph print i did, called Family Portrait,it was drawn from family portrait of all 7 of us kids when we were young. The way the hands were knotted together was beautiful to me, but, I won't be doing lithos. I will however be using my etching press, yes, my etching press. It came from Jerry's Artaramma. It is the student press. It is so beautiful, well, to me anyway. I will be working on a few portraits. Yeah, my favorite thing to do.

This a pot that I made, I will be keeping it filled with flowers. I need to enjoy this summer, with little outings with my family. Make sure this summer does not fly away without enjoying it . Scrabble, walks, visits , little fun stuff. You know ! So, away like a birdy I go.
So, to the little summery things in life.

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Penhallow Street said...

Adorable pic of the little one and modeling a great headdress too. And the lithograph: really like the expressive quality of the hands. Look forward to seeing more of your prints. Enjoy your summer!