Monday, July 7, 2008

Chock Full o' Love

The colors are much brighter in person!......This is a painting that was given to my husband by my brother-in-law, Greig Leach, for Christmas last year. Because, we have such a large family, we exchange names at Christmas. And, in the past, when anyone would get Philip's name, they would think "COFFEE", right away. Philip drinks coffee all day, even before bed. So, in the past he has recieved, fancy coffee mugs and fancy flavored coffee. Lovely gifts, but, for one thing. Philip only drinks Chock Full of Nuts and he only drinks out of one mug at home. He is a creature of habit. That one mug, is one I gave him on Valentines Day many years ago. I have to steal it from time to time to wash the flood lines, the dried coffee lines out. He uses the same cup, till it finally brakes. In our 18 years of marriage, he has had no more than 3 mugs. So, this year Philip was given the BESTEST gift he has ever gotten! This painting. Greig, titled it "Chock Full o' Love", isn't that just perfect? Clever titles are very important to his paintings. My sister & he will sit & look at his paintings and together think of the perfect name for it.
Greig is an amazing artist, his work is done with oilsticks on beautiful 100% rag paper . I don't know of any other artist who has become the master of oilsticks like Greig. He has been painting with them for more than 30 years now. He uses no other medium in his painting, from the 1st. sketch to the final piece, with its many rich layers, all oilstick. Beautiful !
My sister & Greig met at V.C.U. in the very early 80's. They were married with-in a year of meeting each other, they were young, but, they knew, they were soul mates.They have two sons, now grown.
From the very start, Greig has supported his family with his art. With the added income, by waiting tables or bar tending. But, selling his paintings has always been his main income. Not an easy task. He has never taken the attitude of, I will just have to wait to do my art. Greig is now and always has been an artist who paints everyday. Just Google his name, it will blow you away.Or, just take a look at his bio. That is alot of years of faith and not at all easy. As I have herd my sister say so many times, " We are Rich & Famous Today!". But, then there comes the days of being not so," rich & famous". The highs & lows of being a full time artist, has never squalshed the passion.
Bridget, my sister, has always been Greig's #1 supporter. Together they make an invincible team, of what to do next.
But, isn't it grand having an artist in the family? The BESTEST gifts ever! Amy


Susan said...

What a lovely gift this was.

I just wanted to come by and introduce myself. Sorry that I missed you at the Tea Party. I came by your blog today from a comment on A Fanciful Twist. When I read "VCU" in your post, I wondered if you might be from Virginia, and had to stop by and say hello. Take care.

georgiana ewing said...

How pleased I was to get a comment from you! Your blog has been at the top of my list for quite a while. Your paintings are beautiful and your perspective on life even more so.

Susan Carlin said...

Thanks for swinging by and saying hi! It's always a pleasure to come peek in on your life, too. What are you painting these days?

Jerome P. Peters said...

Hi Amy,
Great story. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my new blog site. The encouragement really helps. Still working on the basics of blogging. Back to painting any day now. I'll kepp checking your blog for new stuff. Thanks again. Jerry Peters

ArtGirl said...

I feel foolish for lamenting about having to go back to work and losing time painting after I read this post. People who live their passion amaze me. Life is full when you do what you love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy thanks for the shout out. Phil made me very happy when he open his gift and I really enjoy creating the piece. Back when I could still drink coffee, I too was a Chock ful o'nuts guy myself. You are too kind to write this. The only thing was that Bridget and I met in the very late 70's and got married in August of 1980. Check out my blog and look at three sisters.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

O.K. Greig, I guess you are right. That is right, I started at V.C.U. in in 1979, 1980. Man, Greigy, I think we are getting older or something.
I looked at your blog, Three Sisters is beautiful, thank you.