Wednesday, August 28, 2013

~Welcome Back, to ME !~
I have revamped my was much easier than I thought it would be.~ I've been wanting to return to blogging for some-time now, but~ as we all know, time & effort don't always line up.~
~I almost deleted this "old bloggy" & had thoughts of starting a brand new one.~ But, I couldn't do it, I looked back & remembered so many years ago, struggling to get this one up & running...I knew very little about computers then, I'm still no wiz.~ There was lots of questions to my son Gabriel~ "Help Me !"~ "I don't get it !"~ But, I did it, way back then. ~ Now, I'm back.~
I have redesigned my banner~ by myself ~ to reflect what I have been up to lately.
~I have illustrated my first book !~ Written by a lovely lady, Joy Williams.~
~This has taken more than a year & it is very close to being published !~ It is going to be self-published threw Createspace. The launch date is coming very soon.~
I am also illustrating two more children's books ~ there will be more about them in the near future.~
But, back to "If I Think It, It Must Be True"~ written by Joy Williams & illustrated by Amy Gethins Sullivan.~ all I can say is, even now when I read it, I get a little teary~ it reads like a poem~ it is uplifting, it is an awesome reminder to children & adults as well~ that you know yourself better than anyone.~
~If I Think It, It Must Be True~ page from the book

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