Thursday, July 22, 2010

~Ms. Aaloka~

~This beautiful flower was given to me by Ms. Aaloka.~ It is a "Tube Rose" & it smells so wonderful!~ Aaloka is her first name & she is from Bangladesh. We worked together for about a year in the "after school day-care, at Our Lady of Lourdes School".~It was a perfect part-time job for me at the time.~We were took care of the pre-K & kindergartners. She was Ms. Aaloke & I was Ms. Amy, to the little peoples.~
~So, I call her Ms. Aaloka, Aaloka, means "lustrous".~ And, Ms. Aaloka really is, she lights up when you see her.~She is more than likely in her mid, maybe late 60's, but it is hard to tell, by the way she looks & acts.~Her manner is kind,loving & very happy.~The two of us, just loved each other & would talk & talk.~
~Anyway, our job was to love & care for those "little, tiny bits" when they were done with school.~From 3 till 5:30.~
~At the end of the school year, Ms. Aaloka started bringing these flowers in, from her garden~ some for Ms. Kathy ~who was our wonderful "boss-lady"& some for me.~What a gift !~She told me, "put them on your table & when you wake up in the morning your house is going to smell so wonderful!"~I fell in love!~Amazing smell!~
~I had to quit working there this past Dec., I was painting a lot of sets~& that was a good thing, but, bad, because I had to leave the after care program & my sweet friends & "little stinkers".
~So, this Spring~who do you think I got a call from?~ Ms. Aaloka~Funny because, I answered the phone:"hello"~ the very sweet Indian voice on the end said,: "Amy!~Who do you think this is?"~in my mind I was (smiling) & saying, "ummm this is hard, lol!"~ Out loud, I said: "Ms. Aaloka!"~(she doesn't use the phone very often, I know this, because, she told me so. :)
~Her answer was the sweetest :"YES!"~ you ever herd.~
~We talked a little, then she said:" Remember I told you, I would give those flowers?"~
~me~"Yes"~ Her: "I have some for you!"~
You have to know how happy she sounded, my heart felt so happy too.~
We planted them in the front yard, near our porch.~
~So, I now have my own Tube Roses~ & they are blooming right now.~ I'm not sure, but, I guess they bloom all summer.~Because, Ms. Aaloka's bloomed in the Spring.~We had no blosomes when we planted them & I didn't think they would bloom till next year.~
~I was just sitting outside & their beautiful smell was just now, relaxing me & making me feel so happy.~
~Thank You Ms. Aaloka~<3~


Susan said...

What a lovely post about a sweet friend. I am unfamiliar with this type of rose. Thanks for the info.

Sweet Tea said...

What a sweet, special, friend. How nice to be a person who you associate with a sweet smelling flower! Have a great day Miss Amy.