Monday, July 6, 2009

~Under the Sea Swap~

~From my "swap buddy"~ Kim Turner at Soggy Dog Studios ~
~My, my I have been a busy girl...~
But, what do we have here?
They are the art dolls from Zan's "Under the Sea Swap", over at Wild at Heart .Zan is one of these amazing ladys, not only is she an artist, but she does so much more~like raising bees, in the city!
Well, they are at least two of the many dolls made. My "swap buddy's" & mine. My swap buddy was, Kim, at Soggy Dog Studios. And, looky at my beautiful doll, I was so excited when she arrived. She is just perfect and those are my colors. She is painted fabric & stuffed, then was glazed. I know just where she is going to live here in my house. It just so happens that I am getting ready to paint my dinning room blue. This precious mermaid is going to live amongst my china.
The second doll you see here, was made by me. Her name is "Emmaleen", my daughter Hannah, named her. And, I have to say, she was a pleasure to make. It feels like she came to life in my hands. She grew a little personality.
She is made of paperclay. Then, a crackle glaze was applied. Then I painted her w/ the blues & greens. Then, I used an antiquing glaze here & there. Then finally a clear coat was applied.
~OH~ and the shells were found by my youngest Rowan, when we were at the beach a few weeks back.~ Then she was mailed to my buddy, Kim, in Florida! What a lucky little "mer-girl", to live in Florida. Specially, since she loves collecting shells, so much.


Susan said...

Love your swap buddy doll. My colors, too. Love Emmaleen and aren't you fortunate to have such wonderful artist assistants? Great post.

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you Susan !
It is good to be blogging again

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Thank you Susan !
It is good to be blogging again

Penhallow Street said...

Emmaleen has such a wistful look! Charming!

Flora said...

That is such a beautiful mermaid !!!! Anybody would and should be very honored to recieve her!!!! I truly think she is a wonderful mermaid, your swap doll is very lovely too!!!

Paz said...

So. Cute!

BTW, Congrats to you all on Gabriel's entrance into college. Very cool.